Easy Offline Minecraft Activities

01. 29. 2023

Easy Offline Minecraft Activities

This post can also be used to help you connect with your children about Minecraft.

This list also includes COOKING activities like making Minecraft-themed pizzas, fortune cookie cookies, and cake villages.

Make a Minecraft Creeper Pizza

It's a great way to have a lot of fun with your family by making pizza together. This Creeper-themed cheese, pepperoni, and mozzarella pizza is the perfect combination of math, mozzarella, and Minecraft. You can either make your own recipes or use Catch My Party's recipe.

Make Minecraft Fortune Cookies

What child wouldn't love to open a fortune cookie filled with a Minecrafty fortune? You can get creative with fortunes or use this starter set by Sprout, Squidge and Moppet.

A zombie walks in the shadows of the horse. Build your towers higher that the deepest mine
A diamond pickaxe can be worth a lot of mushrooms
A saddle for each horse brings prosperity to the villager
Light your torches early to get another sunrise
You can see buried obsidian on the horizon
The lava bubbles happen by chance
Creepers hiss, and endermen grunt, choose your voice wisely

Make a Minecraft Cake village

A Minecraft village will keep your family entertained for hours, and offer plenty of opportunities for conversation and collaboration. You can see a video tutorial.

Papercraft: Make a real-life Minecraft world with papercraft

You will be amazed at the creativity available when you search "Minecraft papercraft". You can find printables such as the Minecraft cow, and many more on this website. This page can be printed, cut and folded to make your first mini model.

DIY Minecraft No-Sew Pillows

Your child may be able navigate a keyboard but may struggle to thread a needle. These pillows are super easy to make and fun to create. Here's the tutorial. (Easy offline Minecraft Activities)

Minecraft Story Cubes

Your children probably know Minecraft inside and outside. These clever story cubes make storytelling fun by using that knowledge. Here's an example of the cubes generated by Milk and Cookies.

You are an Iron Golem. You are in the jungle.
You are armed with armor and diamonds. Harvest is your goal.
The Ender Dragon is your enemy

Uh-oh, zombies pigmen are after you! What are you going to do?

A creeper just destroyed your home, making matters worse
Here are the instructions and templates for creating story cubes.


Make a Backyard Treasure Hunt in Minecraft Style

Get out of your house and into the great outdoors. Make your own Minecraft-style adventure map complete with quests, riddles, and more. (Easy offline Minecraft Activities)

Make a Pickaxe and a Diamond Sword

Even though Halloween is only once a year it will be a fun holiday for your children to use this pickaxe and diamond sword in endless ways.

A Lego pickaxe might suit a little Minecrafter.

Make a wind-up Minecraft Creeper

The wind-up Creeper takes papercraft up a notch. You can create one or an entire hostile mob. Here are step-by-step instructions.

Make and play a Minecraft Board Game

Are you tired of Monopoly or Uno? Make and play a Minecraft-themed game board. This one is mine. (Easy offline Minecraft Activities)

Nurturing Interest

There are many wonderful environments outside of the home that can be used for this purpose, such as Connected Camps programs. But your family can provide the best environment.

Your child can be themselves and share their passion with others. Encourage, support and be supportive of your child's struggles.