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01. 19. 2023

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He is also an American citizen, but his nationality is unknown. His educational history is not clear. He may have attended a reputable university but has not given the names of the institutions or the subjects he studied.

After graduating, he was a fifth-grade teacher. Fit continued making videos despite this, pretending that he was a teacher by day and a YouTuber at night.

On the other hand, one of his classmates discovered him as a YouTuber. The entire school faculty finally discovered it. It was then the "talk of school" for a week, with Fit's students puzzled that his teacher was a YouTuber. Fit's teachers were fine with Fit becoming a YouTuber, provided he didn't curse and only spoke about Minecraft.

FitMC's Profession & Career

His YouTube videos attracted many gamers who are still interested in gaming. He also has a vlogging channel called "SNEAKING INTO LUXURY RESTORT GYM." PewDiePie has also supported his channel.

Some of his most popular videos include "2b2Historyt's Of Kings," "The day 2b2t almost died," "How a base lasted 8 years on 2b2t," and "2b2Historyt's Of Incursions."