How to build and use a skeleton trap in Minecraft

01. 01. 2023

How to build and use a skeleton trap in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world survival and adventure game that is full of magical phenomena. The game allows players to explore an array of terrain and creatures. There are also some rarer incidents.

Horses can be found on many terrains, and players can often tame them. However, very few players will ever be able see an undead or scary horse. Players can spot a Skeleton Horse while exploring in a storm. If they are near it, the Skeleton Trap will be activated.

What is a Skeleton Trap?

The Skeleton Trap, a rare event in Minecraft that occurs during a thunderstorm, is not common. It begins when a Skeleton Horse, a rare breed, is struck by lightning. This summons an army of Skeleton horses ridden and trained by Skeletons.

What causes a Skeleton Trap?

A Skeleton Horse may be found by players while they explore the Overworld during a storm. If players run toward it in an attempt to get a better view, they may be surprised. Players must be within a radius of ten blocks of the Skeleton Horse to see lightning. An army of Skeleton horses with Skeletons will appear.

What is a Skeleton Trap?

The Skeleton Trap is made up of four Skeleton Horses when activated. They are all ridden by a Skeleton who wields an enchanted bow and wears an enchanted iron headdress.

Skeletons can attack players with their bows, arrows, and Skeleton horses can strafe players who try to fight back.

How to Tame a Skeleton Horse

Players can purchase one of the Skeleton Horses after defeating the Skeleton traps in Minecraft to keep them as pets. This horse is different from a regular horse because it has special characteristics.

Skeleton Horses do not require wheat to be tamed. Players can either sit on the horse or place a saddle on it immediately to control it. The Skeleton Horse will always be healthy with 15 hearts, but it will never have half its heart. These horses have the unique ability to walk on water as though it were ground. They can jump and sprint on submerged blocks at the same speed as they do on land.