Minecraft PVP servers

12. 01. 2022

Minecraft PVP servers

You want to find out which Minecraft server is the best for PVPing? There are currently 6 active Minecraft servers available to players of Bedrock Edition (Windows and Xbox One). I have played almost every minigame on each server and this is what I think.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers

The Hive

Mineville was my favorite server, but latency became a problem (and a very frustrating one), so I switched to The Hive. I have the lowest ping to this server. Although The Hive was once the most popular server in Minecraft, it is no longer a top priority for many Minecraft fans. CubeCraft is now in control of the server, offering better minigames and a more enjoyable gameplay experience. Although there are many minigames available in The Hive, such as Sky Wars, Just Build and Hide and Seek, Bed Wars is not. There's no need to worry! Treasure Wars has you covered! Although it's similar to Bed Wars, there are more treasures than beds. This was my favorite PVP mode before Sky Royale. I lost most of my matches on The Hive, so I decided to say goodbye and shelter under Cubecraft to improve my PVP skillset.


CubeCraft is without a doubt the most simple game mode! CubeCraft is the perfect game mode for players who love PVP in Minecraft. There are many more PVP minigames on CubeCraft than in The Hive. Block Wars is my favorite of all the PVP options on CubeCraft. Block Wars is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

When I have a spare moment, I launch Minecraft. Then I head straight to CubeCraft to play a few Block Wars games. CubeCraft has a large player base made up of kids who just learned Minecraft. Don't get too excited even if your winning 11 out 10 games.


You don't like Treasure Wars from The Hive but you still want to play it! Cake Wars is a great alternative! It's my favorite minigame on Mineplex. It's the same as Treasure Wars, except that it has cakes.

You want to make sure your cake is secure and that no one else can get near it. You don't have to keep your cake safe. However, you should also eat other peoples cakes. You won't be able to eat all of your cake at once so it will take you plenty of time to get back to your base to secure your cake. Sky Wars is also available in Mineplex, but it's quite different to the one in The Hive.

Best Minecraft Java Edition Server for PVP


Hypixel has the most active Minecraft players and is the biggest Minecraft server.

You should try Bed Wars on Hypixel if you've played Treasure Wars or Cake Wars on Mineplex. You want to challenge your friend in a 1v1 PVP match. Hypixel offers Duel modes! Duel 1.8 allows you to play standard PVP games without any extreme rules. You want to make it more difficult? You can switch to Duel 1.16 Hypixel for a more difficult encounter.