Minecraft Seeds

11. 21. 2022

Minecraft Seeds

Are you looking for the best Minecraft seeds to use in your new world? This list contains the best Minecraft Seeds you can use to create a new world in any way you can imagine. Instead of searching for villages, strongholds and desert temples and all the other fun stuff, you can simply input a seed to have those things spawn. This list of the best Minecraft Seeds will show you a variety cool seeds like island seeds, village seeds, and zombie seeds.

These are the best Minecraft seed ideas. Minecraft is well-known for its procedurally generated worlds. However, you can input a string called a seed to control the world that Minecraft creates. There are Minecraft seeds that can be used to create any type of world.

Best Minecraft Seeds

Stronghold Village : 2065486297Mushroom peninsula: 992826707
Mountain Village with Dungeon: +1231267014
Survival Islands: 67080907
Two Villages with Pillager Outpost 572779209
Massive Bamboo Forest with Pandas:1 9593330209
Huge Village with Ravine: 1935762385
Exposed Stronghold and Easy Diamonds - 823486800
Desert Pyramid: -1665911630
Zombie Village: 427074153
Stronghold in Village Well: 1813745601
Pillaged Village: 1036
Surface Spawner: 1915631036
Woodland Mansion with Village: 1208416085
Abandoned Mineshaft Near Village: 141280768

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Stronghold Village

This seed will take you to an abandoned village right next to it. Although this village isn't much, there's something special about the abandoned village. The village is surrounded by a ravine, which has an entrance to a stronghold. You'll also find a normal village in the nearby plains biome. This will allow you to have easy access to crops and a bed.

Mushroom Peninsula

This seed will spawn you into a mushroom biome. You can also choose to build your base in a more normal location, as there are a forest biome or plains biome nearby. You can also test your skills by diving off the coast to find an underwater monument that is filled with rare materials such as sponges and prismarine. Be aware of the guardians though.

Mountain Village with Dungeon

This seed will spawn you in a few minutes from a village high up in the mountains. To reach it, you can simply walk through the forest. The village's farm actually cuts through the mountain, which gives it a unique aesthetic. If you dig deep enough, you will find a cave with a spider-spawner if your venture into the cave. This is a great way to get a permanent spot to settle down near spawn.

Survival Islands

It's you, the sea, a few trees and this seed. You will spawn on an island that is relatively large with a small forest, which should provide enough wood for you to build a shelter. The rest is up you. There are some islands nearby, but the mainland is just a short walk away if you get tired of the archipelago lifestyle. If you want to trade, there is a small coastal village on the mainland.

Two Villages with Pillager Outpost

This seed has a village right at the spawn with a pillager post looming above it. This is a great way to experience a raid in Minecraft. You just need to kill the captain of the outpost, then enter the village. In case of an emergency, there is a second village across the savanna.

Massive Bamboo Forest with Pandas

Sometimes it can be difficult to find pandas in Minecraft, but this seed has some right to spawn. The bamboo forest is surrounded by a jungle biome so pandas can be found easily. Although there isn't an exact location where they spawn it, you won't be in a hurry to find one.

Huge Village with Ravine

Near spawn you will find a large village with a blacksmith who has decent materials to get your started. Once you have your equipment, you can explore the ravine just outside of town. Although the opening is small, it runs deep. There is also a second village across the plains Biome. The plains Biome has plenty of flat areas that are ideal for building a home.

Exposed Stronghold and Easy Diamonds

This seed has it all. The village is right next to the seed, and it has a ravine running through its center. This ravine has a stronghold at its center, as well as easy diamonds at its bottom. You'll find a desert biome bordering the village. If you go further, you will find another village with a pillager post just a few blocks away. This is a popular seed for Minecraft because it's difficult to find easy diamonds.

Desert Pyramid

This seed will spawn you next to a desert pyramid that is packed with rare items to help you get started in your Minecraft world. You can enter the pyramid, brave the traps and get out with a variety of precious materials, including gold and diamonds.

Zombie Village

This is the seed you need if you want something more Resident Evil-like than Minecraft. You will spawn in a zombie village. Even if you do manage to escape, another village is just across the plains.

Stronghold in Village Well

This bustling village has a well-kept secret. Hidden beneath the homes, farms, and roads of this small town is an underground stronghold that can be accessed by digging into the well. You will need to walk a little to locate the village. It is not exactly at spawn. We have provided coordinates to help you find it.

Pillaged Village

You won't find any villagers in this village, which is similar to the last village on the list. There are only a few surviving zombie villagers. However, you can probably guess what happened because there is a pillager outpost just next door. This one also houses a dark secret, just like the last village. You'll find a cave running underneath the tree at the village's centre. A dungeon with a monster-spawner is just a few steps down.

Surface Spawner

This seed will spawn you just across the river from the huge badlands biome. You'll find a mob-spawner on the surface if you make your way into badlands. This is not all. A ravine is located next to the spawner and houses a dungeon that has another spawner.

Woodland Mansion with a Village

This village is located just a short distance from the spawn. It has a woodland home that can be seen just outside the village. It makes it appear like the mansion is part of the village. Look for the pillager post when you spawn to get there. You will find the village by simply walking past it. Woodland mansions may contain rare items and materials. Make sure you have basic gear before you go in and see what you can discover.

Abandoned Mineshaft Near Village

This seed, like most others on the list, has a village right at its spawn. But what sets it apart from other seeds is the exposed mineshaft that lies nearby. You will find a ravine that runs through the desert biome, with several waterfalls, lava pits, as well as an abandoned mineshaft. It even has a few chests filled with rare materials and items, making the trip into the depths well worth it.