Minecraft Snapshot 19w41a

11. 08. 2022

Minecraft Snapshot 19w41a

Every day, we get thousands of emails asking us to make Minecraft more stickier. We usually ignore them because they're so weird. But, this week, we have the honey block. Enjoy!

Changes in 19w41a

Accessibility improvements: Added Honeycomb blocks!
Iron Golems can now crack when there is damage. These can be repaired using Iron Ingots
- Added a "spectate" command
- ClickEvent now includes copy_to_clipboard.
- If no target argument is given, the effect clear command defaults to @s.
Fixed bugs

Honey Block

- Jumping and walking are not allowed
- You can ride along with a piston if you stand on a honeyblock.
Jump into a wall made of honey blocks to slow your fall and slide down
- A honey block cushions your fall slightly by landing on it
- A honey block moves in the same direction as slime blocks by pushing or pulling on a piston.
Honey blocks are not a favorite of animals and mobs. Too sticky for their comfort

Honeycomb Block

To make a Honeycomb Block, you can create a 2x2 Honeycomb.
- Purely decorative



player - The player who should be spectating the target. Must be in spectator mode. @s is used if the @s is not present.
Target - The target for the spectator. Omitting this will cause the player to stop spectating.

Fixed bugs in 19w41a

MC-86846 Changing a powered Command Block from impulse/chain mode into repeat mode doesn't trigger it until powering up
MC-120480: Pets can teleport onto blocks that have a solid bottom, not a top face
MC-124140 Anchoring does not reset after usage and is implicitly applied by default in nonsensical situations
MC-125104 – Cancelling delete the world screen and sub-menus using ESC opens the main menu
MC-129806: Team prefixes or suffixes are not shown for villagers who don't have a custom-name
MC-131552: Can't make stripped wood from a stripped log
MC-145021: Teleporting to the player is not possible for teleported animals that are tamed when they are on snow layer blocks
MC-146213: The loading bar on the splash screen can be extended beyond its black outline
MC-156005: Tame wolves no longer teleport to players when they are in water
MC-159423 - The edges are too far for bees to reach flowers
MC-160102 - IllegalArgumentException when being attacked by a weak iron golem
MC-160865 – In certain circumstances, the server can crash if you wake up from your bed
MC-161297 – Shulker box interior textures are invisible
MC-161692: Hopper creates a furnace blockentity when he transfers an item that crashes the game
MC-161733 Vindicator idle5 sound is not used
MC-162087: Parrots can imitate pandas
MC-162569 – Placing torches into water can cause serious lag or stuttering
MC-162586: Log repeatedly prints the message "Ticking entities" and crashes the game
MC-162616 - java.lang.NullPointerException after attacking a parrot