This 8-bit Processor Built in Minecraft

10. 12. 2022

This 8-bit Processor Built in Minecraft

Computer chips are so small and complex that it can be difficult to remember the physical principles that underlie them. They are not just a collection of ever-increasing numbers. You can see a real-world example of a Minecraft-exclusive computer processor.

"Sammyuri", a Minecraft builder, spent seven months creating the Chungus 2. It is an extremely complex computer processor that runs virtually within the Minecraft game engine. Although this isn't the first instance of a computer processor being rebuilt within Minecraft, the Chungus 2 (Computation Humongous unconventional number and Graphics Unit), which simulates an 8-bit processor and has a clock speed of one hertz and 256 bytes, might be the most complex.

Minecraft processors use the game's physics engine to create the structure of real processors at a macro scale. Materials include redstone dust, torches repeaters, pistons and levers as well as materials such torches, repeaters. To give you a sense of scale, each block in Minecraft is one virtual meter across. This means that it would be roughly the same size as a cruise ship or skyscraper if this build were to be recreated in the real world.

The Chungus 2 can play interchangeable 2D games such as Snake and Tetris when connected to an ingame 32x32 screen and controller (manipulated by a Minecraft avatar jumping on block-sized buttons). Some programs require that the Minecraft server be artificially speeded up to make the 1Hz processor sufficiently fast to be used. Each program can also be built in Minecraft. It plugs into the computer like an empty cartridge.

This project is a remarkable example of computer science in action. It's done in a way that makes its principles immediately and visually. The video showcasing the Chungus 2 is impressive enough. However, if you'd like to see it in action, you can download it and run it on your server at If we wait, we might get a Minecraft CPU powerful enough to run Minecraft. At that point, the universe will likely implode.