Tips for mining ores in Minecraft

10. 06. 2022

Tips for mining ores in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about mining. This is why half the title is dedicated to it. This is a crucial skill to master so we have a few tips and tricks for experienced Minecraft players. Everyone should also know a few things regardless of their status.

Mining ores is one of the most useful activities in Minecraft. Here are five things you should know before mining.

5) The level of the pickaxe

Although it may seem simple, this is vital. Every player should be able to identify which pickaxes are required for what items. An iron pickaxe is required to mine gold, redstone and lapis lazuli.

4) Which Ores Give XP

This information is particularly useful if Minecraft players own a Mending pickaxe. The actual item will be dropped by coal, diamond, emerald and redstone, as well as XP (without the use of Silk Touch). All other items will drop the original version, which will need to be melted.

3) Keep water in a bucket

Minecraft mining is made easy by water buckets. Lava can appear out of nowhere if players are mining in a cave or strip mining. The water helps keep players safe from being burned to death. It also makes obsidian which can be walked on.

2) Crouch

This is especially important for strip mining. Because the next two blocks can give way to a pool of lava, Minecraft players need to be crouching. Players could lose all they have worked for and fall into it. This is a terrible way to die because all your items are destroyed by the lava. Crouching is a good way to avoid this.

1) Where can you find them?

While most ores can be spawned in any place, there are some places with better odds of certain ores being spawned. The most common places to find diamonds are caves, but they can also be found at Y level 59 after the 1.18 upgrade. Emeralds can only be found in mountainous biomes. Although gold can be found almost anywhere, it is most common to find it in the Badlands. You can find iron, copper, and coal almost everywhere.